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FAQ / How We Work with Media

Please note, Travel Portland has limited media hosting at this time.

Services for Journalists and Content Creators

Travel Portland works with numerous journalists throughout the world to tell the stories of the people who call our city home. Requests for media support are handled on an individual basis and the level of support is dictated by our limited resources, size of the request, type of content and outlet, time of year and demand on staff time.

Media support can include hosted media visits and itinerary creation. Travel, lodging, and other expenses may be covered on a limited basis. Travel Portland reserves the right to decline or limit media support for any reason.

If you are looking for images or b-roll, you can access our visual assets here.

Media Hosting Policy

Travel Portland hosts media on assignment or researching story angles on a limited, case-by-case basis. Anyone interested in applying for media hosting must complete our Media Assistance Request Form here. Please provide as much detail as possible regarding your visit and what type of support you are seeking. Due to limited resources, Travel Portland is unable to fulfill every request and reserves the right to refuse any request.

If you would like to request assistance, please see requirements below:

  • A Media Assistance Request Form is required for all media hosting. Please fill out the form in detail related to the type of media you contribute to. For individuals who contribute to multiple sources, please choose the outlet you contribute to the most.
  • Travel Portland requires at least 30 days lead time for hosted media assistance request. A longer lead time is appreciated.
  • Travel Portland hosts media throughout the year. However, we have more capacity to host journalists from November to May.
  • An assignment letter is not required. If proof of an assignment is available, it is helpful in making an expedited decision.
  • Providing samples of past assignments is also helpful.

How Do We Work With Bloggers and Online Content Creators?

Travel Portland is interested in working with bloggers and online content creators – essentially defined as content creators who make editorial decisions for a site they own. Unfortunately, due to a large number of requests annually our resources for hosting bloggers and online content creators is competitive. Travel Portland requires access to the Google Analytics for your primary site. We request this so we can see detailed information about your audience and determine the opportunity to reach our consumers through your outlet. To request assistance, please submit a Media Assistance Request Form for Online Content Creator/Blogger and simply share “Read and Analyze” permissions with (Admin > Property > User Management). Travel Portland will not share your audience information outside of our organization though we may generate reports for our internal use. Travel Portland will remove our permissions after we have made a decision on your request.

How Do We Work With Influencers?

Travel Portland does not actively participate in influencer collaborations. We work with influencers on a very limited basis. Paid influencer campaigns are a function of our marketing department and are performed on a proactive basis. If you are interested in being considered for a future paid campaign, please fill out the Influencer Media Assistance Request Form and submit it along with your current fee structure. Travel Portland will contact you if we are interested in your services in the future. There is no need to follow up, if you do not hear from us. Influencers who are interested in visiting Portland in exchange for hosting should indicate this on their Media Assistance Request.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you assist with setting up interviews? Travel Portland can help with interviews from members of our staff. We can try to connect you with other Portland personalities, but cannot guarantee their participation.

Can you provide photos and b-roll? Travel Portland maintains an image library and b-roll library for media use. You can request access by filling out this form or by logging into your account if you already have one. Travel Portland strives to maintain photos of our destination, but typically does not have photos of individual businesses and cannot help secure photos from individual businesses such as restaurants.

Can you create an itinerary for my visit? Travel Portland can create itineraries for media we are hosting as requested. We request writers research some activities they want to experience through our Newsroom Story Ideas and our consumer site. The Travel Portland Magazine has also been a valuable resource for visiting media. The best visits are a combination of using our team’s expertise and setting up some experiences on your own.

Can you connect me with hotels, restaurants and other businesses if Travel Portland cannot host our trip? Travel Portland has a list of local businesses that have agreed to share their information with interested journalists we are not hosting. Travel Portland requests you do not tell our local partners you are working with us unless we are hosting travel for your visit.

I’m interested in a social media takeover, can you help me with that? Allowing outside influencers to take over our social media accounts is not a strategy we are deploying at this time.

I disagree with your decision not to host my visit. Who can I speak with regarding this? The entire Travel Portland PR team is involved in making hosting decisions. Unfortunately, Travel Portland’s resources are limited and while we strive to host as many writers and content creators as possible, we simply cannot accommodate every request. If you have been refused for media hosting, you may apply again in the future and we will consider your request again.

How do I get help fact-checking an article? Simply contact us at with the facts you need us to check.

I haven’t heard back on my media assistance request. How should I follow up? Depending on the volume of requests, it can take several days for our team to respond. Although we strive to respond to every request, during our busy season, we may not get around to responding to every inquiry unless you have been approved for hosting. If you haven’t heard back in one week after you submitted or if you are on a tight deadline, please follow up at

Do you provide an attractions pass for media? We do offer a VIP Attractions Pass to qualified members of the media. Please submit a Media Assistance Request Form and indicate that you are requesting an attractions pass. Please include the dates of your visit when you do so.