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If you would like to know how travel Portland works with bloggers, please visit our FAQ page.

Please note, as a condition of consideration for media hosting, Travel Portland requires all online content creators to provide our team with access to your Google Analytics.

We do not accept screenshots or generated reports from site analytics. Site analytics are a competitive advantage blogs and other owner-operated online media possess over traditional media companies. Travel Portland hosts active promotional campaigns throughout the world and your audience regardless of size may be attractive to one of our niche promotional efforts.

If you agree to provide us with access to your Google Analytics, after submitting your form, simply provide with Read & Analyze permissions in your Google Analytics account (Admin > Property > User Management). Once our team reviews your audience and other analytics data, we will remove ourselves from the account. Travel Portland promises discretion with your audience data and will not share it with outside entities, though we may generate a report to keep with our records.

Please note, we will not move forward with reviewing your request until we receive access to your GA. Please be sure to provide access shortly after submitting your form. Once you grant us access, we will be automatically notified by Google, so no additional follow up will be needed from you.