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Meet Our Team

Marcus Hibdon

Marcus Hibdon

Director of Communications and Public Relations

Marcus brings a lifetime of media experience to his director role at Travel Portland. He started as a reporter and copy editor in high school all the way to serving as the editor-in-chief of his college newspaper, before going on to spend an additional 10 years leading newsrooms in various editor roles as a professional news journalist before joining Travel Portland in 2007. He has a passion for telling the stories of Portland, Oregon – a destination he believes had endless tales to tell and plenty to offer both journalists and visitors alike.

My go to under the radar hangout: Kay’s Bar, in West Moreland, or Gigantic Brewing

Contact me for questions related to tourism in Portland or need an interview with Travel Portland.

Phone: 503.275.9769

Jackie Hagan

Jackie Hagan

Domestic Media Relations Manager

Growing up in Texas and California, Jackie’s wanderlust brought her to—of all places—the Midwest. After graduating, Jackie completed stints for a ghostwriting firm, literary agency, internet start-up, non-profit, and—finally!—the tourism world. Her love of storytelling was further strengthened by earning an MFA in creative writing from Oregon State University. Jackie loves exploring the intersection between identity and place, to which the city of Portland is a forever muse.

My go to under-the-radar hangout: Rose City Book Pub for signed books and a great tap list

Contact me if you are looking for regional story angles or cover meetings and conventions for trade publications.

Phone: 503.548.0050

Inna Makheddinova

Inna Wells

Senior Coordinator

As a Portland native, Inna witnessed the City of Roses blossom from a weird small town to a vibrant and thriving big small city that’s still a touch weird. Inna’s work is fueled by the inspiring stories of passionate Portland makers, chefs and personalities. She loves working with writers on building out their Portland press trips and is always looking for the perfect Portland memento for them to take home.

Favorite Portland bridge: Tilikum Crossing, Bridge of the People – for its name (“Tilikum” meaning “people”, “tribe” or “family”, in Chinook Jargon) and being car free with amazing views of the Willamette River.

Contact me for questions regarding media hosting.

Phone: 503.275.9287

**If you still aren’t sure who to contact, please feel free to reach out via our “Ask us a Question” form and we will route you to the correct team member.