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Hospitality with Heart

Hoteliers and the Oregon Convention Center show support for Portland during a time of immense growth

Just a few months before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the “Hospitality with Heart” event rallied local hoteliers in partnership with the statewide SOLVE cleanup organization. More than 150 volunteers from the tourism community came together to beautify the city, and have since continued to participate in clean-up events. In true Portland fashion, local ice cream, beer, and coffee companies have provided sustenance for the hardworking crews. This is further testament to the strong ties between Portland’s tourism assets, from hotel beds to ice cream cones to fair trade coffee. These ongoing efforts have been a thoughtful and proactive way for the hotel community to stay connected while simultaneously showing support for the city.

Also serving the city, Oregon Convention Center has served as an evacuee shelter to those displaced by wildfires, earned its accreditation as a Global Biorisk Advisory Council Facility for health and safety, and served as a Covid-19 vaccine site for more than 500,000 doses within the walls of the facility that recently underwent a 40-million-dollar renovation. The OCC has served Portland’s community immensely during a critical time of need, but the venue is also fully open for business and welcomed a citywide convention this October.

Directly across the street from the Oregon Convention Center, the Hyatt Regency Portland at the Oregon Convention Center opened at the end of 2019 with a committable block of 500 rooms. Despite the setbacks brought on by Covid-19, Portland is thriving with a trend of hotel openings. Three properties opened during the Covid-19 pandemic and five projects—including the five-star Ritz-Carlton—are in development in the central city.

Visitors know Portland as a creative city that welcomes new ideas, new people, and new businesses. This creative character connects to Portland’s tourism community, in part, through these exciting hotel initiatives and openings that are a part of Portland’s story of resilience and nurtured cultivation.